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How can you know you have found the right house painters for your home? It’s not that easy! In Plano alone, there are myriads of companies competing for your business. Here are a few simple tests you can employ to choose just the right painters for your home.

  1. The Respect Test  – From the person who answers the phones to the Project Consultant who visits your house to provide an accurate written proposal, are your communications respectful?Do the company representatives provide you with needed information, treat you with kindness and take your concerns seriously, show up on time or call ahead to make other arrangements, take time to answer your questions and refrain from “talking down” to you? If the answer is yes to these questions, you are starting off on the right foot.
  2. The Safety Test – Is the company that you are considering to paint your house insured and bonded? Do they provide some type of warranty for the work they provide? Do they honor their warranties and guarantees? If the answer is yes to these questions, you may have found the house painters for your Plano home improvement project!
  3. The Reputation Test – Have friends and neighbors had good experience with the Plano house painters you are considering using? What do the reviews on Angie’s List, Best Picks Reports and Better Business Bureau Reports say for the company you’re considering? Have you checked to see that the painting company you are considering has excellent ratings on these sites? Keep moving forward with the company if everything checks out in the Reputation Test.
  4. The Quality Test – When the Project Consultant for the painting company comes out to your house to provide an estimate, make sure he or she uses products and employs processes that ensure excellent and long-lasting results. Ask questions about what differentiates them among other Plano house painters. The Project Consultant should be able to provide an answer and give you visual evidence as to their differentiators. If the results don’t last, take a pass.
  5. The Value Test  – The house painters you choose should be able to tell you why their price matches the quality they provide.  Don’t go for a “Chuck in a truck” company that slaps a magnetic sign on their vehicle, buys a cheap product, waters it down, and then proceeds to your house with a few painters that they haven’t even vetted for your home improvement project. Don’t go with a company that slaps on a high price without matching results “just because they can” either. Make sure you are buying value when you choose Plano house painters to beautify your most expensive and precious asset!

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