How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

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Are you looking to hire a roofing contractor? There are some important things to look for when making your selection.

Is the roofing contractor locally owned and operated?

When choosing what roofing contractor to work with, going with a local company can help you avoid ripoffs and scams. Look for a company that has a reputation with a significant number of 4 and 5 star reviews (preferably 20 or more). Also, getting a referral from a neighbor or friend for a local company ensures that they have experience not just in the roofing field, but on homes just like yours.

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Every day, homeowners are subject to scams and ripoffs from roofing contractors that are just in it for a quick buck. When your area gets hit by a storm, hundreds of “Storm Chasers” will flood your area. These businesses operate out of high-pressure sales, scare tactics and look to profit from the stress you are dealing with after a severe storm has damaged your home. Working with a local company that someone has referred you to will ensure that your roofer did not just start working because of the hail storm that hit last week. You’ll be glad you did.

2019 Torch Award for Ethics from BBB

Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

According to the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, ”Anyone can call themselves a roofer in Texas and they are not required to be knowledgeable, insured, licensed, or even registered with the state.” This means that resources like the Better Business Bureau play a large role in vetting contractors for local customers.

Making sure that the roofing contractor you are looking for meets the requirements for being accredited with the BBB can give you peace of mind.

Phillips Home Improvements was recently awarded the Torch Award For Ethics by the BBB & Dallas Business Journal. This award represents the commitment to quality service you should expect in a roofing contractor.

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Will they work with your insurance?

Reputable roofing contractors will work with your insurance company to fix your roof. Ensuring the roofing contractor sees the scope of work from your insurance adjusters will allow them to give you a more accurate proposal of the work needed.

When dealing with an insurance claim, aiming to get the lowest-priced roofing contractor is only going to save the insurance company money, not you (the homeowner). Being a capable roofing contractor and communicating with your insurance on your behalf are two different skills. Some companies lack the ability to do both well. You put yourself at risk that your roofing contractor will try to rip you off and also your insurance company trying to rip you off, so you need a trusted contractor in your corner.

Does the contractor give their promises in writing?

Roofing contractors that care about repeat business know the importance of getting everything in writing. For both you and the business, written agreements are a great resource when things start to sound fishy. When dealing with a shady roofing contractor, a written agreement might be the only legal document holding them accountable for the work.

Also, ensuring that you have all the information you need in writing allows you to hold onto this information during the process of working on your insurance claim. At Phillips, all of our written proposals are good for 90 days.

Getting a warranty for the work is also an important step to ensuring the company is held accountable for their work. If the company is not willing to but a guarantee on their work, it is safe to say, that they do not expect their work to last.

Get to know your contractor today.

The last thing you want to do is meet with a contractor when your roof is already leaking. Being confident in your selection of a roofing contractor means that you have the time to get to know them before the next emergency. This means scheduling a free estimate to check up on how your roof is doing BEFORE a needs contractor to come out.

You want a roofing contractor that is willing, and able, to take images, document the damage and give you a true image of what your roof looks like. What you don’t want is someone that climbs on your roof, says it’ll be pricey, then asks you to sign the contract.

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