Paint Textures

These are some of the fine textures that our trained crews are more than capable of executing each of these textures and making your home beautiful. Texture finishes to walls and ceilings are extremely common. They add depth to a room and can make any room in your DFW home look and feel brand new. These textures will take any boring room and bring some serious flare! Texture in painting stimulates two different senses, visual and tactile.

    Orange Peel Texture This texture will not get dated. Common in a lot of homes and very subtle.

This texture is big in the southern states.

    Knockdown Texture Knockdown Texture is a drywall finishing style. It is a mottled texture, more intense

than a simple flat finish, but less intense than orange peel, or popcorn texture.

    Crows Foot Texture Looks as though a crows tiny foot has walked up and down your walls.

This is produced by slapping a brush to the wall

    Skip Trowel Texture Made by using a skip trowel to pull down the “mud” on the wall using a trowel

and then applying paint to the uneven texture the trowel has left on the wall.

    Acoustic Texture Commonly called popcorn texture. The acoustic texture comes in three grades.

Fine, medium and coarse. We not only can provide you with popcorn texture, but remove it as well.

    Swirl Texture Is not a common occurrence as far as textures go, but when executed properly it can

    make the most boring of rooms stand out.