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Who will you use as your painting services provider in Plano, TX? How about using a company who has already provided painting services to 30,000 happy customers in the DFW area?

What about hiring a company who only uses the best full-strength paint on your home?

Would you like to hire a company that takes as much care with prep as they do with the actual paint job?

How about a company that fully caulks before an exterior paint job, instead of one who only spot caulks?

Would you appreciate a company who provides painting services with a warranty, a walkthrough and final inspection before completing the job? How about a painting services company that enjoys great reviews and awards from Angie’s List, Best Picks and Consumer’s Choice?

Finally, would you appreciate a painting services provider who provides a caring and knowledgable Project Manager to walk beside you as your advocate all along the way?

What painting services company am I describing?

Why Phillips Painting, Roofing and Gutters, otherwise knowns as Phillips Home Improvements, of course! Call us today!

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