New Roofs and Roof Repairs

Bad storms with heavy wind and hail are common for the Dallas area.

A Phillips Roofing representative can come and do a hail damage inspection on your home or business.  You may have bad damage to your roof and not even know it.

You know your roof is one of the most important components of your home.  It is also one of the most exposed areas of your home or business structure.  If you believe your roof may have been hail damaged, don’t prematurely replace your roof; let Phillips Roofing help to determine the appropriate action.  Schedule a free quote today.

High velocity wind and hail cause damage to your roof, significantly shortening its life and can lead to larger scale issues later.

Phillips Roofing knows what to look for when it comes to roofing repair and we will let you know right away if your damage is covered by insurance.

Roof Replacement

  • Most roofing jobs are covered by home insurance.  Phillips Roofing will deal with your insurance company on your behalf if you prefer.
  • We know you don’t want any surprises; however, there are occasions where damage, such as dry rot, is more extensive than what was initially apparent.  In these cases, we will discuss the condition with you and agree on procedure and cost (if any) before proceeding.
  • Most work can be completed within 1 to 2 days.  We pay close attention to the weather forecast and do not schedule work when there is a chance of rain.
  • Roofing is staged to provide the most convenient, safe and dry experience for your family.

Roof Repairs

  • Roof repairs cost are normally under what your deductible is and can be assessed by one of our roofing specialist
  • Simple repairs can sometimes be handled on the spot
  • Repairs can be very extensive at times and take several days
  • When a leak is involved we ask to get inside the home in order to identify source of leak
  • Sometimes repairs are not needed but some maintenance is need. Please see “Roof Tune-up.”

When Phillips Roofing has finished your roof, you can be assured that our work is, as always, done “The Phillips Way”, ensuring “workmanship beyond your expectations”.

Phillips Roofing provides the following Roofing Warranties:

  • 5-Year New Roof Replacement Warranty
  • One-Year Warranty on all Roof Repairs.


Roof Tune Up

Roofing Tune-Up Includes (12-point roof inspection)

  • Re-seal pipe jack seals as needed
  • Re-seal HVAC stack seals as needed
  • Inspect all ridges: repair up to 5 shingles*
  • Re-seal up to 10 shingles
  • Inspect field shingles: repair up to 5 shingles*
  • Inspect for potential leak issues
  • Fix and seal up to 20 nail pops
  • Clear debris from valleys


  • Chimney flashing
  • Wall flashing & sky lights
  • Dead valleys
  • All roof ventilation

* Non specialty shingles. Up to a combined total of 5 shingles. Specialty shingles will be an additional charge.


Basic Roof Tune-Up: (7/12 roof pitch or below) $249.00

Most roofs fall into this category. Basic roofs will be as steep as a slow sloping hill.

Steep Roof Tune-Up: (8/12 to 10/12 roof pitch) $349.00

Steep roofs will be as steep as walking up a staircase.

Steepest Roof Tune-Up: (11/12 roof pitch and above) $399.00

Steepest roofs will be as steep or steeper than climbing a step ladder to change a light bulb.


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