New Siding Install


Is your wood siding weathered or rotting? Has a recent pressure wash revealed the true condition of your siding? Phillips replaces your failing wood siding with only the best … James Hardie fiber cement siding. Not only are the highest quality raw materials and proprietary additives used in formulating Hardie siding, but their combination provides enhanced strength and protection that stands up to the toughest weather conditions, water absorption, mold, animals, insects, and fire. No shrinking or splitting with James Hardie board! More than 100 process and product quality checks have taken place before your product reaches your home, ensuring ultimate performance. And maintenance is virtually non-existent, making James Hardie siding a time and money saver.

Additionally, James Hardie siding comes in many colors and styles, providing a beautifully natural, consistent board-for-board look for your home that will last for years to come. Multiple coats of color are baked into the board, ensuring a brighter finish that resists fading and loss of luster, is UV resistant, and well, hearty! James Hardie invented fiber cement siding and they have employed 100+ scientists and engineers to continually refine and “bake” not only color, but also innovation into their siding. And James Hardie stands behind their products 100% with a 30-year warranty. Just as with painting, roofing and gutters, Phillips Home Improvements demands only the best siding for our beloved homeowners!