Join the Phillips Teamily!

What is it like to work at Phillips?

What is a Teamily, you ask? It’s the vision of Jason Phillips for the culture he created and has sustained for 21 years. TEAM + FAMILY = TEAMILY! Being a part of the Phillips Teamily means joining a winning team dedicated to our mission – to provide “Workmanship and Customer Service Beyond Your Expectations” – and our core purpose, “walking in faith, enriching people’s lives, and renewing homes” in North Texas with our expert painting, roofing, gutter, carpentry, and coming soon … our window replacement services. When you join the Teamily, you’re part of a family that supports one another and works together to achieve more in life and business. Our Teamily is just as passionate about building a great company and leaders as they are about reaching personal career goals.

Our Core Values
Phillips’ Teamily is held to the highest standard in the home improvement industry. We live by four core values that guide our behaviors toward homeowners, vendors, Teamily members and partners.


  1. We Value Faith. Valuing faith means that Phillips employees are forward-looking, forward-thinking people. We make decisions, prioritize, perform tasks and deal with people based on faith … in our company’s future, leaders, vision, goals and direction. Faith is assurance that something we don’t yet see has REAL substance, so much so that it energizes us with hope and purpose, equipping us as we take steps to attain it.
    •   When we create 5-yr. goals, for example, such as earning revenue of $21 million dollars in 2021, we keep our eyes on the goal. We focus on the far-off number by faith, which fuels us to set smaller goals in line with reaching the larger one. By looking forward with each incremental action and positive word toward the larger goal, we poise ourselves to attain it. We value faith.

2. We Value People. By gracing our leaders, coworkers, customers and partners with the same honoring thoughts, words and actions that we would like to have shown to us, we demonstrate this value. Our people value informs our policies, behaviors and words.

3. Phillips Values the Pursuit of Excellence. This means we do our best at all times to follow The Phillips Way (a systematic, quality-focused, customer-centric approach to all we do) for the good of our Teamily, partners, customers and our highly valued brand in the marketplace. We pursue excellence in our dress, ethics, language, work processes, customer service and conversations, and we do so whether or not anyone else is watching.

4. We Value Teamwork. Phillips is a team. Phillips is a family. Phillips is a TEAMILY. We look out for one another. We communicate across departmental lines. We think about what’s best for the company, because the company feeds all of us. We share offices, credit, bagels, time, rocks, jobs, burdens, and occasionally commissions. We value teamwork.