Phillips has been doing Home Improvement in Dallas Fort-Worth for over 21 Years!

If your windows are fogging, broken seals, and letting in the summer heat, its about time to change your windows.

Windows that have a broken seal have outlived their use and even replacing the glass is just putting a VERY temporary bandage on the problem. That problem is that the windows have worn out and need to be replaced. Homes in DFW built in the 70’s have single pane windows and those windows aren’t doing you ANY Favors. Phillips has been trained to properly measure and install your windows to last you a lifetime. This is why we guarantee ALL of our windows for a lifetime against breakage, warping, seal failure and everything else. When you are ready to know what separates our top of the line, but not top of your budget window, give us a call today.



Fully fusion-welded frame and sash corners Dual-pane, double-strength glass Airtight insulation chambers
Fully fusion-welded frame and sash corners create superior strength and a clean, low-spread finished look. Dual-pane, double-strength glass increases this energy-efficient window’s strength, durability and insulation. Airtight insulation chambers enhance thermal performance and durability.
Multi-layer weather-stripping Dual vent stops Hidden screen track
Multi-layer weather-stripping helps block energy loss and protects against inclement weather. Dual vent stops for limited and convenient opening of the window for ventilation. Hidden screen track creates a clean-line design for enhanced visual appeal; half screens are standard, optional full screens available.



Whole House Window Install! from Phillips Home Improvements on Vimeo.

Time lapse window install: